Spin Control X RAD Break Cap Collaboration 2022

The USA breaking scene is filled with legendary legacy crews that continue to dominate the scene to this day. That’s why it’s refreshing to see a new squad emerge that disrupts the game and brings something fresh to the table the way RAD Crew has for the past few years. RAD Crew is a collective of creatives that utilizes their unique perspective of the world to shape culture and shift the paradigm forward in new and exciting ways. Purveyors of Rhythm and Dynamics, RAD is a crew with overwhelming energy that you can feel before they touch the floor. Pawflo Squintz may have said it best when he stated, “You first have to defeat their VIBE, before their moves.” For all of the reasons above, we were super excited to collaborate with RAD Crew and bring their vision for our Break Cap to life in our Spin Control X RAD Break Cap Collaboration 2022.

This collaboration was super exciting for the Spin Control team from start to finish. RAD Crew reached out to us with a vision for their customized Break Cap. From the first sketch they submitted we loved the concept which offered a new colorway and some understated but powerful placement for their branding across the brim of the cap. After the design was decided, the Spin Control team went to work making the vision come to life with the correct materials, sizings, and details. The Break Cap was a game changer for our company and being able to see RAD flip the concept and the presentation to their style was inspiring.

RAD crew definitely has their own aesthetic and style that they bring to the game in addition to concrete breaking ability. Outside of actively competing, RAD provides the community with free workshops, high quality events, and is focused on becoming the quintessential choice for corporations looking to invest in real breaking. We wanted all aspects of their collective to shine through in the entire campaign and the RAD team absolutely killed it in producing the photo and video shoot for the marketing materials. In addition to the cap itself, this collaboration includes a look book shot by RAD Crew’s Sean & Crissy (CS Visuals) and designed by Spin Control. Canarus and Sean from RAD also produced the two promotion videos for this campaign, their creative capabilities are really on display throughout this entire product release.

We are proud to announce that the RAD X Spin Control Break Cap is now available online. The collaboration ships on October 17, 2022. However, you can get your hands on this product early at our release event, Surviv-Ill in Houston Texas from 10/7~10/09 organized by Break Free. Supplies are limited for this release so make sure to cop before supplies run out!

Spin Control Team