Shining - A Short Film By Moshen of Skill Methodz

When breakers first enter the scene, each person's motivation for getting started in the dance is a little different. Some want to spin like crazy, others love the music, some are looking to get paid and some just need attention. But for those who stick around in the culture and build longevity in their careers, the meaning of the dance and the motivation behind it becomes much more than the initial spark that got them started.

Moshen’s short film ‘Shining’ explores the stories of 3 dancers as well as his own background in a narrative that depicts the essence of what breaking is. The film is a rare look at breaking that eloquently expresses its appeal as an artform and dives deeper into the minds of dancers than the typical headspin clip seen in popular media ever could. ‘Shining’ does a great job of displaying the highs and lows, the opportunities and the drives that keep breaking culture alive and moving forward. So whether you're just learning about breaking or have been a dedicated practitioner for years, take a minute to check the film below because even over a decade later it still holds relevance.

Although ‘Shining’ itself is a classic, we also wanted to put some spotlight on the director, Moshen, from Skill Methodz Crew. You may have caught him in the Redbull TV series The Break Boys alongside Kid David, Casper and Luigi being exactly who he is in real life, a thought leader. Although Moshen was mostly active as a battler throughout the 2000s, he has stayed involved in the scene as a commentator for some of the biggest breaking events on the Pro Breaking Tour. If you catch some of his commentary he's always shedding insight about the battles, dancers and the dance itself. If you ever get a chance to talk to the man in person, definitely pick his brain about the dance or just creative expression in general as he practices multiple crafts. But instead of just hyping him up too much, we'll let him introduce himself and tell his story in the clip below.

In any case, if there's something that we at Spin Control want you to take away from reading this article and learning about Moshen, it's definitely what he has to say in the following clip. Hip Hop and breaking can be a lot of things, but one thing it definitely needs to be is empowering! So, check out what he has to say and then get back in the lab!