Kaku & Tsukki Try The Break Cap


Headspin Master Kaku & His Student Tsukki Rock Our Break Cap

When people think breakdancing, the first move that comes to mind is typically the headspin! Since we have created a few products that are made specifically for that headspins we had to team up with one of the undeniable headspins masters of the world, Bboy Kaku! On the day of the shoot, we lucked out because he brought his student Tsukki with him and we had both of them try out our newest product, The Break Cap!

In case you're new to the breaking scene, Kaku cemented himself as a legendary power mover in the mid-2000s with his crew Mortal Combat when they went to Battle of the Year multiple times and represented Japan. Kaku was the first person ever to do headspins to a controlled 2000 hand spin and you can catch that move in the video above in slow motion. Since then Kaku has been traveling the world and appeared at some of the biggest events in breaking such as The Notorious IBE, Red Bull Bc One, Dance Alive and more! 

Kaku's student in the video is the breaking prodigy, Tsukki. At only 13 years old, he has mastered every basic power move and added his own 'spin' to each move! Major pun intended. Already having circled the world multiple time as a competitor, the future is looking super bright with this one!

If you had any doubts about what Spin Control products allow you to do, prepare to have your doubts wiped away! And in case you haven't seen these two ripping it in our other headspin product, The Premium Spin Cap, we have attached right below here for your convenience!