SC Spin Wax


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Spin Control's Spin Wax enables you to spin longer, allows you to spin on more surfaces, and extends the lifetime of your Spin Control products. When applied directly to the mesh on any of our spin caps, the wax acts as a light lubricant that reduces the friction between your cap and the ground. This increases the duration of your spins and reduces the wear and tear on your cap at the same time. The additional slippage provided by the wax also helps for spinning on stickier surfaces.

Spin Control's Spin Wax is made with safety in mind and leaves minimal slippery areas on the floor. This is a huge safety increase over traditional spin lubricants used in breaking.

Intended for use with:

The Break Cap (Classic & Pro)
The Premium Spin Cap
Amin Drillz Collaboration Spin Beanie

Application Instructions: Carefully apply the spin wax over the mesh area that you intend to spin or slide on. It is not necessary to apply wax to the entire item. Do not overapply the wax as this can leave slippery areas on the floor.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dark location. Excessive heat will cause the wax to melt.