3-Panel Break Cap


The 3-panel break Cap design builds off the foundation of a traditional cycling cap but is much deeper so that it stays secure on your head while going through power combinations. This cap is better suited for small and medium-sized heads. Highly recommended for child dancers and adults up to medium-sized heads (hat size 7 ⅛). Our Full Coverage Padding System (Patent Pending) is the first of its kind to cover the entirety of your head in a cap, allowing you to use all parts of the hat to spin, freeze, or slide with ease. The tuck-and-lock enclosure system utilizes a sturdy velcro that allows you to tighten the cap to your liking. Once adjusted, you can tuck the remaining strap cleanly into the back of your cap so there is no interference in your dance.

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  • Recommended for kids & adults up to a medium-sized head (up to hat size 7 ⅛) For the most secure fit, we recommend adults purchase our 5-panel cap.
  • Designed with no center seam; means no interference with balance
  • Spin Control logo patch and lettering on the brim
  • Full Coverage Padding System (Patent Pending) protects your entire head
  • Double-layered spin mesh
  • Tuck and lock enclosure (velcro)
  • Consists of nylon, mesh & padding
  • Nylon material is light, durable, and has a slight sheen

Wash Instructions

  • Hand wash
  • Air Dry
  • Do not dry-clean
  • Do not tumble dry