The First Ever...

Spin Control Tracksuit

Featuring the SC Hidden Gems Crewneck

Retractable Spin Sleeves

Hidden in the cuff of each arm is a fully retractable spin sleeve that fits over the palm of your hand. Features a thumb hole for stability and is made for all manner of handspin variations. Can be neatly tucked away or folded over the top of the cuff when not in use.

Padded Elbow Pockets

(additional padding insert optional)

Lining the inside of each arm sleeve is a padded pocket to protect your elbows and forearms while freezing or spinning. For additional comfort and protection, optional neoprene pad inserts are available.

Hidden Gems Crewneck

Featuring multiple hidden features made specifically for breakers, the Hidden Gems Crewneck innovates on an essential piece of hip hop fashion. This deceivingly minimal crewneck features a Spin Control branding mark on the right wrist. Made with fabric designed to spin.

SC Track Pants

Complete the look with our first ever bottoms piece. Featuring our signature spin fabric that is also extremely comfortable to break in or chill. These track pants feature a Spin Control logo mark on the right ankle and feature a classic minimal design.