Soul Control Climax Crew

Charles has been breaking for over 26 years. During these years, he has traveled around the world to battle, judge, and teach workshops. Charles is the owner/manager of Soul Control Dance Academy which was established in 2008 to provide youth Breaking, Tumbling, and many other genres of dance movement. He has dedicated his life to Bboying striving to support dance communities around the world and nurturing talented dancers, all in the name of Hip Hop culture. He values providing knowledge and leadership skills to his students in order to help build dance communities, promote self-confidence, and encourage a healthy lifestyle through breaking. Charles was a pioneer at the young age of 18, when he created several airfare transitions along with his crew Soul Control/Climax.

Charles career has led him to participate many prestigious breakin events in the U.S. He has judged for Freestyle Session World Finals three times and the Silverback Open four time. He has toured internationally to Brazil, Poland and Canada to judge and showcase exhibition battles and as a Hip Hop Ambassador for the US Embassy, he has travelled to Africa and Tbilisi, Georgia to work with the world renowned Ill Abilities Crew.