Style Elements 25th Anniversary Sponsored By Spin Control

Given the opportunity to sponsor the 25th Anniversary of one of the most legendary crews in the world, our only answer was, “hell yes!” The majority of active bboys and bgirls in the world came up watching the innovations of Style Elements Crew and many of the movements and concepts that they pioneered are seen in the top dancers of today. Whether you were influenced by the intricate thread styles of Jrawk, the freeze stacking combos of Crumbs, the power innovations of Super Dave, the unorthodox and unlimited moves of Stuntman, or the intense connection to music of Remind, these members and many more have contributed to the scene in ways that most breakers only dream of.

The two day event was more than just your average breaking competition as it paid homage to the many different aspects of hip-hop that influence their crew. The day one pre-party had a workshop from the Red Bull BC One All-Star Bboy Wing, and the pre-party that night featured a cypher style footwork battle. The main event the following day had their trademark Last One Standing 3-on-3 breaking battle system as the headliner, the Soulebrity all-styles battle, a popping cypher battle, and a kids breaking battle. Somehow they also managed to fit in two hype performances by emcees Mahtie Bush and Artson. All of which came together for a well rounded event featuring much more than just breaking.

A historic moment was seeing the surprise award from Style Elements honoring another legendary crew that is right up there in the history books with them, Rock Force Crew. Paulskee accepted the award on the crews behalf and gave a short speech honoring Style Elements, peep some of it in the highlight clip above. In the end, Japan came out on top with the 3-on-3 winners being Body Carnival from Japan. Bgirls Ayumi and Narumi held it down all night with flavor and original content while Kazuki Rock won the crowd in the battles.

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