Spin Control X VincaniTV | Virgin Flare Tutorial


Whatever the people in your scene call this move, you know exactly what it is when you see it and hear the crowd go, “Ohhh!” Often referred to as Virgin Flares, Circle Flares, T Flares, or straight leg flares, in this collaboration with VincaniTV, Matt Action from Rockforce Crew & Waseda Breakers Crew breaks down the steps to mastering this popular flare variation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don't start in a standing position, start with your hips low to the ground
  2. Keep your hips up at all times
  3. Use your hips and correct hand placement to generate the momentum that will keep your circles going continuously
  4. Practice the four basic positions that Matt details above. make sure your quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn, and full revolution are all clean
  5. Keep your hands close to your hips while you do your circle flares. The further out they are from your hips the harder it will be to keep your hips up!
  6. Practice, practice practice

Good luck getting it down and make sure to tag us on Instagram in a video once you got it!