Freestyle Session 2018 Kids Battle Sponsored By Spin Control

In case you didn’t catch the insane Kids Championship at the Freestyle Session World Finals last weekend, here is a little bit of what went down. Kids from all over the world came out to Los Angeles, California to compete for one of the most prestigious titles that the worldwide breaking community has to offer. Although the competitors are kids, their skills rival those of some of the top adult dancers in the world. Power combinations we’ve never seen, musicality that takes years to achieve, and routines that make you think twice about what just happened were getting thrown out left and right!

In the end Grom (Outstanding Crew) and Angry Boy from Russia clinched the championship in a tight battle against Logistx(Underground Flow) and Cis from the USA and Belgium, respectively.

Make sure to check the video of the finals above; it speaks for itself! For more video footage of the event and more, make sure to follow Stance (info below). We can’t wait to see what is about to happen at next year’s Freestyle Session but we know it’s going to be hype!